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Languages/Frameworks/Libraries/Other Technologies

I know these very well and am very comfortable with them. Most I have used almost daily for the past year or longer or I have used them extensively on recent projects:

  • JavaScript - Node, Express, NPM, Gulp, Jasmine, jQuery, Vue, Sequelize
  • Python - Pandas, Matplotlib, Scrapy, Peewee, Sphinx, Falcon, Pytest
  • Google Cloud Platform - BigQuery, Dataflow, Pub/Sub, Kubernetes Engine, Container Registry, Cloud Functions, Stackdriver Logging
  • Apache Airflow, Apache Beam
  • SQL, MySQL
  • HTML, CSS, Sass
  • Git, SourceTree
  • Docker
  • Redis

I have some experience with these, but it's either been a while or I have used them recently in a limited capacity:

  • C
  • C# - .NET, LINQ
  • Knockout, Angular
  • Scikit-Learn, Plotly
  • PHP - Laravel, Composer, Eloquent, Codeception
  • MongoDB, Firebase
  • Amazon Web Services - Lambda, Elastic Container Service

Selected open source projects I've contributed to:


I got my first taste of programming with C++ in 2011 when I took an Intro to Computer Science class. The fact that creative and elegant problem solving is the essence of programming motivated me to teach myself Python and integrate it into my coursework whenever possible. In my spare time, I challenged myself with Project Euler problems and wrote scripts to automate various tasks for myself and others. I enjoyed exploring this hobby while I pursued my degree and in 2014 I graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in physics and a concentration in research from Kent State University. I utilized programming at every opportunity in two lab positions: when I worked as a researcher at the Liquid Crystal Institute and as a staff physicist for a medical physics and dosimetry lab.

In 2016, I turned my hobby and passion into a career by joining GameWisp as a software engineer. In that role, I built new user-facing product features, enhanced current features, designed and developed REST and Websocket APIs for third-party developers, created several Twitch extensions, and more. As GameWisp shifted to a data-focused product, I was promoted to my position as Lead Data Engineer where I currently design, build, deploy, and maintain scalable solutions to complex data problems.

In my free time I work on my own side projects including a Discord bot and various data analysis tools for biologists, as well as contribute to open source projects such as Apache Airflow. I'm also a fan of Ethereum, gaming, and the NBA.